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New Mexico State University
Department of Campus Activities

NMSU Student Involvment Log

FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  Why do you need all the demographics?
*most data will be used for research purposes and knowing demographics greatly enhances what reporting is possible

2. What Aggie ID do you mean?
*Your 800****** student number.

3.   How long can my ‘reflective statements’ be?
*the field is set up ‘without limits,’ however, you are encouraged to enter in bullet form, not complete sentences, to use less space.  That will enable the printed version to be more concise. 

4.  Is there a spell check?
* not yet.  If spelling is an issue for you, it might be wise to type in a word file, spell check, then cut and paste…

5. What if one activity fits more than one category?
*Choose  the category that MOST matches, a ‘primary’ category, if you will.

6. What if no choice of category matches my entry?
*choose NA.

7. When I click on ‘edit,’ the screen that comes up is empty.
*try scrolling down.  (especially if you are using internet explorer)

8. How do I get a copy of my SIL?
*call (646-3200) or stop by the Office of Campus Activities (235 Corbett Center) to request a hard copy.

If you need help, check FAQ first. Still need help? Contact us